The Skaala path project

The following firms are sponsing the Skaala path project:
Miljøservice AS / Septik24
Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane
Hotel Alexandra

Autumn 2008 we have made approximately 400 metres with new stone stairs in the Skaala valley from 1000 to 1300 metres above the fjord. Leader of the project was Rune Holen.

During summer and autumn 2009 approximately 500 new metres from the bridge called Sjingla were finished.

In 2010 the project has made 530 metres with new path beneath the Skaala lake. The new leader of the project is Ole Runar Aabrekk.

2011: 550 metres with new stone path.

2012: Better path between the forrest road and the Sjingla bridge.

2013. Team Skålalaget was established to take care of the Skaala path. Members are Bergen and Hordaland turlag, Loen Active and the farmers owning the path