• Maximum 800 participants. 
  • Registration in two steps. First you register your e-mail address and number of participants (maximum 4). After this you wil be given spots after "first come, first served" principle. If you have been given a spot you will receive an e-mail with a link which should be used to complete the registration. If you have not been given a spot in the first allocation, you will receive a separate e-mail regarding this and you will keep your spot on the waiting list.
  • You have to complete the registration within 24 hours. If you do not complete in time you will loose your spot, and it will be given to those on the waiting list. 


  • To avoid standing in line for registration we reccommend online registration before 8 pm Friday 17th of August. 
  • The secretary at the starting point at Tjugen is open from Saturday 07.00 AM
  • You'll get a yellow start number for the fun run class at the start. Please wear it in front of your body, for the drinking station and to get your Skaala Uphill medal at the top

Entry fees

Competition class: NOK 610     
Fun-run class, adult from 16 years: NOK 200. After August 1st: NOK 230
Fun-run child (10 to 15 years): NOK 100  


Registration is only valid when the entry fee has been paid. Questions; or +47 61 15 90 20  

Binding registration

The registration is binding. No refund in case of illness, injuries etc. 

Buying and selling start numbers

You can sell or buy start numbers until the 14th of August. This can be done in EQ. Fee is NOK 100. Questions: or +47 61 15 90 20